• The East Wind Of Nylon 66 Granules Industry Has Come
    The East Wind Of Nylon 66 Granules Industry Has Come Apr 04, 2023
    For a long time, our country's nylon 66 granules industry self-sufficiency rate has been low, mainly because the core raw material adiponitrile technology has not achieved a breakthrough. However, under the trend of automobile lightweight and environmental protection and energy saving, the demand for nylon 66 continues to rise, and with the breakthrough of domestic adiponitrile production technology, the east wind that promotes the development of nylon 66 granules industry has gradually blown. Nylon 66 granules industry is unable to achieve large-scale applications due to the long-term constraints on the shortage of the key raw material adiponitrile. Approximately 75% of the world's adiponitrile production is for self-use only, and few are involved in trade circulation. In the field of engineering plastics, nylon 66 is used in the automotive, electrical and electronic, and industrial machinery fields with a relatively high proportion of 45%, 16%, and 11% respectively. After modification, nylon 66 is mainly used in the production of auto parts.   With the recovery of the automobile market and the driving of the automobile lightweight trend, engineering plastics used in the automobile industry will become the main driving force for the demand for nylon 66 granules industry.  

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