• Development Situation Of Plastic Products Industry
    Development Situation Of Plastic Products Industry Apr 25, 2023
    According to statistics, the apparent consumption of plastics is around 80 million tons, and the apparent consumption of plastic products is around 60 million tons. Plastic products are closely related to people's lives, and their impact on plastic raw materials is also extremely significant. It can be seen from the growth data of China's plastic product output from 2008 to the present that China's plastic product industry maintained a stable growth from 2008 to 2018, and there was a significant decline in 2018. This is also related to the introduction of domestic industry policies to a certain extent. For example, strict environmental protection inspections. Since 2017, environmental protection inspections have been carried out. Small downstream factories and non-compliant enterprises have been banned and shut down one after another, restricting the increase in the output of plastic products. Let's take a look at the import and export of plastic products. The import volume of plastic products in China is relatively small, which has a great relationship with the situation that my country is a big country of plastic products. Most of the import dependence is less than 1%. In terms of exports of plastic products, the export situation continues to be optimistic. It has remained at the left side of 15% all year round. In 2018, the export reached 19%, and the export volume was 13.163 million tons.

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